Hello there and welcome to my synthesis of guidance and nourishment for body, mind, and soul; Vitality Fit, a platform for ideas, articles, and advice related to health, fitness, spiritual life, food, and fun.

Running a Personal-training business and performing with two different music groups keeps me pretty busy as you can imagine. I live a pretty multifaceted life in the lovely city of San Francisco and I’m always eager to find ways to maximize the little free-time that I have while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sometime around my 30th birthday I realized that there are certain core elements of life that allow me to function and thrive at my highest capacity. For me some of those elements are exercise, healthy-eating, adequate sleep, supportive relationships, and stillness/time to be alone… but as we all know, these can be some of the most difficult things to maintain on a daily basis! I’m hoping to utilize the Vitality-fit blog as a support system to share exercises, ideas, articles, recipes, and inspiration, and I’m hoping you’ll feel free to share with me as well!

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